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Tom Poleman, Senior VP/Programming, Clear Channel

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Jack Swanson, Operations Director-KGO, Citadel San Francisco

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Cadillac Jack McCartney, VP/Programming, Clear Channel Boston

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Mark Chernoff, VP/Sports Programming, CBS Radio

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James Henderson, Research Manager-RadioOne

"When XTrends first appeared on the scene it was like a Godsend. Now with PPM I find XTrends even more helpful. XTrends is the most useful tool I have."
Don Kelley, VP/Director of Programming, Greater Media Boston

"Nothing is as quick and precise as XTrends, one of the best tools for programmers to evaluate performance. It's on my laptop, I take it everywhere I go."
Mark Richards, Operations Manager/Citadel Atlanta

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John Ivey, Program Director-KIIS-FM, Clear Channel Los Angeles

"XTrends is a fantastic service. The program is easy to use and understand and has made my ability to analyze the PPM numbers on a weekly basis a very simple process."
Jason Wolfe, VP/AM Programming,  Entercom New England

"No software program saves me more time or helps me organize data more than XTrends."
Dr. Gary Heller, VP/Research & Audience Measurement, CBS Radio

"We use XTrends to give us what we cannot get from Arbitron, the most accurate assessment and presentation of the data, which helps us stay ahead of the competition. XTrends is an essential element for continuing our success."
David DuBose, VP/Market Manager, Cox Radio Birmingham

"Whether it's a weekly PPM report or a monthly, I can't imagine NOT having XTrends for my data review. It's fast and easy to use."
Stephen Stewart, Operations Manager-WJR-AM, Citadel Detroit

"You guys ROCK when it comes to service. The product is the best there is too."
Andy Lockridge, Director of Operations/Dallas, Univision Radio

"Our programmers love XTrends! Except when the numbers are bad."
Rick Cummings, President/Radio, Emmis Communications

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Brian Thomas, VP/Classic Hits Programming, CBS Radio

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Milt McConnell, Market Manager/Citadel Albuquerque

"XTrends is a very important part of our weekly PPM downloads. The software and email-based trend deliveries are extremely user-friendly, and their support is great as well."
Jimmy Steal, VP/Programming, Emmis Communications

"XTrends is a must-have tool for a programmer to get the job done in 2009."
Buzz Knight, VP/Program Development, Greater Media

"We think XTrends is terrific. And the customer service has been outstanding. The folks at Cornerstone Research have been truly driven to satisfy us."
Don Benson, President/Radio, Lincoln Financial Media

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Ana Gomez, Corporate Research Director, Univision Radio

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Jim Farley, VP/News & Programming, Bonneville Washington D.C.

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Stella Prado, Program Director-KOST-FM, Clear Channel Los Angeles

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Kurt Johnson, VP/Jack Programming, CBS Radio

"XTrends is an awesome tool to quickly download, consume and understand the weekly PPM data."
Dave Richards, Operations Manager-Entercom Seattle

"With our report cards coming in every week now, it's important to have a reliable, dependable way of getting the results fast. XTrends helps me quickly sort through all the info and find our sales and programming story every week, every month, every quarter!"
Smokey Rivers, Assistant Program Director-KPLX-FM, Cumulus Dallas

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Chuck Knight, Program Director-WBEB-FM Philadelphia

"XTrends is one of those rare products that flat out works. It's easy, intuitive and puts a raft of information at your fingertips by sifting through a massive amount of data in seconds.."
Mark Mason, Program Director-WINS-AM, CBS Radio New York

"As good as XTrends software is, their industry knowledge and service sets them apart."
Harriet Campbell, Research & Information Systems Manager, Greater Media Philadelphia

"Finally! A tool that doesn't take a week to process the information! Thanks!"
Barry James, VP/General Manager-WLIV-FM, Bonneville Chicago

"I have used XTrends for many years and love it. Service and support are great and XTrends is a powerful tool for analyzing the PPM!"
Kent Phillips, Operations Manager-Fisher Broadcasting Seattle

"XTrends is an indispensable tool that allows you to project ratings in a much more accurate and concise manner than Arbitron’s three-month-rolling average. XTrends gives you an exponentially clearer understanding of where you will land in the ratings."
Rosemary Scott, Corporate Research & Communications Director-BMP Radio Austin

"In the PPM world XTrends gives us even more info. XTrends is a great tool and a tremendous asset."
Bill Pugh, Operations Manager-Clear Channel San Diego