Can I get XTrends in my market?

XTrends works in all PPM markets, presenting weeklies and/or books.  XTrends also works in any four-book diary market (you must subscribe to Arbitrends).


My cluster/group subscribes to XTrends but I’m not installed.  What do I do?

Email us at telling us who you are, who you work for and what market(s) you need.  There’s no “per seat” license so it’s easy to get hooked up!


For my diary market, can’t I just extrapolate my data by hand?  Why do I need XTrends?

First of all, it’s not fun extrapolating every demo and every daypart for every station in your market.  More to the point, simply multiplying your trend share by three and subtracting the last two months (likely the way you’re creating your extraps by hand) is NOT correct because you’re extrapolating a percentage.  To get the most accurate extrap possible, you have to perform three times as many calculations (extrapping new AQH Persons and PUR).  XTrends performs these extra calculations, which is why XTrends provides your most reliable extraps.


What makes XTrends so dang popular?

We think it’s our good looks and charm but most users love:

  • Our clean and simple interface

  • Reports that can be customized the way you want

  • Criteria that can be changed on-the-fly with no reloading

  • Data delivery right inside the program

  • Our super-prompt and friendly support