In 2000 Cornerstone Research developed XTrends, a ratings analysis tool primarily focused on generating monthly extrapolations from Arbitron’s™ three-month rolling averages in Arbitrends. Over twenty years later extrapolations are a thing of the past, but XTrends is more popular than ever, for both PPM and diary markets. In fact, likely more PPM subscribers see their weeklies in XTrends than any other software program.*

*Not scientifically proven or substantiated but we’re pretty dang sure.


Whether your needs are simple, like getting a top-level view of your weeklies and/or books, or if you want to go deep and create quarterly averages, trend intabs by demos, create hour-by-hour reports or plot growth with a Grid of Pain, XTrends is the fastest and easiest way to see what’s happening inside your Nielsen ratings data.