For decades The Analyst has been helping radio programmers and researchers review and implement the results of their music research studies. Whether it's callout or auditorium tests, The Analyst makes it a breeze to do a music sort - and so much more!

The Analyst enables you to:

  • Rank, profile and graphically trend your scores

  • Filter the songs that meet your criteria

  • Breakout perceptual data

  • Re-categorize your sort for your music scheduling system

  • Listen to the hook that was used for any song tested (when hooks are ordered from Hooks Exchange)

  • Create multi perspective reports of multiple single market tests or across multiple markets

  • Link Analyst data to Selector data

  • Interface Analyst data with MusicMaster or Nexus database to share data. The Analyst can also update MusicMaster categories and score fields.

Researchers: Customize The Analyst to Your Needs!

Fit scores? Variety control? Pod scores?
Whatever is unique to your research, The Analyst provides.
When you brand The Analyst with your logo,
it becomes your product!